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Hello! Welcome to LOL_politics

This is a community specifically for making fun [taking the piss, havin' a go, satirizing, ripping to shreds] of politics, politicians, and other public figures or recent events.

The rules:

1. Don't take yourself or anything posted too seriously. There are plenty of other communities and websites devoted to serious political discussion... this is not for that!
2. If you are easily offended, this is not the community for you. This is a political correctness-free zone. On the other hand, if you are just plain nasty, this is not the community for you either. Anything goes unless the mod objects or a good number of members feel offended by certain content. Easy on any gross pictures, k?
3. Whatever your personal politics, this community is open to you. Be tolerant if you don't nesessary agree with a view being presented, remember that this is all in good fun.
4. Easy on pimping other communities and posts about free Ipods.
5. A country that laughs together stays together.
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